Espresso Martini

The hallmark of a great Espresso Martini has always been the luxurious layer of crema that forms only when real coffee is used. Heirloom Espresso Martini Liqueur is made with expertly roasted and blended coffees, which create a dynamic flavor and produce a frothy cap of crema once shaken.

Invented in 1983, the original Espresso Martini recipe consists of vodka, coffee liqueur, fresh espresso and sugar and is a globally recognized classic.

Heirloom Espresso Martini Liqueur concentrates these elements to create something that can function as a full bodied coffee liqueur, or be shaken with ice to create a frothy, delicious replication of the classic.

Espresso Martini Graphic

How to Serve

Espresso Martini Liqueur can be served neat or on the rocks as a post dinner pick me up, but it is ideally shaken hard with ice and enjoyed as a cocktail. Combined with tonic water, Espresso Martini Liqueur is a fantastic aperitif. For modifying cocktails, it will elevate Manhattan riffs and bitter libations, and can also be used to replace orange liqueur for a rich, dynamic margarita.

Signature Cocktails with Espresso Martini