Creme De Flora Collins

The Tom Collins is the most well known Collins variation, implementing Gin as the chosen spirit.

We chose Creme de Flora as the basis for a Collins cocktail, as the floral components in the liqueur expand upon the aromatic and floral presence of Gin in the original. Similar to a classic Gin Collins, the Creme de Flora Collins comprises a balance of floral, earthy, bright & citrusy flavor.

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The history of the Collins is shrouded in mystery, though it is first mentioned in 1876 in Jerry Thomas’ Bar-Tender’s Guide, the first published cocktail book.

While journalists and cocktail historians may not agree on where and by whom the cocktail was first created, not many would argue against its importance. The Collins epitomizes the refreshing cocktail, and is light enough to be enjoyed with lunch (or brunch), but still punchy enough to hold up after dinner. 

Dress it up

Garnish & Serving Ideas

Serve this cocktail over a large ice cube or ice spear and garnish with lemon slices and edible flowers such as lavender, marigold, or violet to heighten aromatics.


How to use these cocktails as abv bubbly modifiers

Combine the Creme de Flora Collins with a pilsner or IPA for an improved Radler.

Create an elevated Mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine.

Use in place of seltzer in a Tom Collins variation to amplify everything great about the classic!