Heirloom Alchermes uses warm botanicals like Cinnamon and Clove that are softened with Rose Water and Vanilla Bean. This ancient, warm, dusty liqueur is truly mysterious and to our knowledge, Heirloom Alchermes Liqueur is the only alchermes produced in America. Delicious in a Negroni, an Alkermes Spritz or as a modifier in a sour or fizz.

A fabled potion that dates to the 8th century, Alchermes is known for its healing properties.

The potion traveled from the middle east to Europe, where it became a highly prized beverage. Alchermes is colored with a small insect, Cochineal and is scarlet in color. It has been used not only as an enjoyable drink, but as a confectionary ingredient as well. Historic varieties were made with crushed pearls, silk and gold flakes.

Alchermes Graphic

How to Serve

To fully enjoy its aromas, Alchermes is best served neat at room temperature. It is also recommended that Alchermes be served alongside or incorporated into Zuppa Inglese, strawberry shortcake, candied nuts, nopalitos, and coconut curry. An exceptional compliment to whiskies as well as grape and agave spirit cocktails. Use a dropper or atomizer to harness it’s aromatic perfection as a garnish. Try it in a Scarlet 75, Oldest Pal, or Silk Sheets.

Signature Cocktails with Alchermes