Alchermes Spritz

The Alchermes Spritz uses sparkling water and sparkling wine to enhance the aromatic spice profile of Alchermes.

This combination of warm spice, effervescent wine with a hint of citrus can be enjoyed year round.

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The Spritz was created as a way to temper more robust wines using sparkling water.

Over time however, this diluted drink morphed into a rather potent one, with italian bitter liqueurs and sparkling wine replacing the diluted wine.

Dress it up

Garnish & Serving Ideas

Serve this cocktail over a large ice cube or sphere and garnish with a combination of orange slices along with fresh peaches, and tarragon. For a savory note, garnish with an olive or three.


How to use these cocktails as abv bubbly modifiers

Combine the Alchermes Spritz with a dry red wine for a hybrid Tinto de Verano

Create an elevated Wisco OF by topping a Brandy Old Fashioned with Alchermes

Use in place of sparkling wine for an variation on the French 75